Generation 1 · Prosperity Challenge · Round 6 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Herrington's

Round 6, Family 8- Herrington

Welcome back last time, my children maxed some skills Creativity and Social to be precise. My wife Molly maxed the writing skill and I put on a lot of weight. I now know why, when I got abducted by aliens, I received a little gift, meet my twins Nova and Star. It’s winter here now,… Continue reading Round 6, Family 8- Herrington

Prosperity Challenge · Round 4 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Chaunhuns

Round 4, Family 9- Chauhun

Welcome back, Last time, Me and Alice did well in our jobs and got promotions. Alice completed her aspiration and the triplets became children. Erin wanted to have a best friend and Alice agreed She also played chess with Emily. Erin also likes to do experiments. Emily went fishing and caught six fish which we… Continue reading Round 4, Family 9- Chauhun