Generation 2 · Prosperity Challenge · Round 10 · The Barbosa's

Round 10, Family 7- Barbosa

Mum still likes to keep in shape My wife prefers swimming she is also great at keeping our appliances in good shape I enjoy going out dancing Lucky died of old age Raymond became a very curious toddler Rina started toilet training I take the dogs on walks around town Raymond enjoys playing in the… Continue reading Round 10, Family 7- Barbosa

Prosperity Challenge · Round 5 · Sims 4 · The Barbosa's

Round 5, Family 7- Barbosa

Last Time, me and Scarlett became Adults, Bernard and Scarlett achieved their aspirations. Beatrice became a teenager and started dating. Bernard now wants to master physical skills He loves playing Pirate Beatrice is doing well in school Scarlett went swimming Bernard achieved his 2nd aspiration and now wants to be popular He and Rina frost… Continue reading Round 5, Family 7- Barbosa

Prosperity Challenge · Round 4 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Barbosa's

Round 4, Family 7- Barbosa

Welcome back, Last time Bernard became a child and Beatrice completed her aspiration. Beatrice loves to dance The fridge broke down and I had to fix it before the food went off Beatrice and Bernard are the best of friends always playing together. I am so glad we didn’t get children who fight and argue… Continue reading Round 4, Family 7- Barbosa

Prosperity Challenge · Round 3 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Barbosa's

Round 3, Family 7- Barbosa

Last time, My wife Scarlett had our son Bernard who was soon a toddler and our daughter Beatrice became a child. She also became best friends with Adam Nakamura. Also some promotions happened. Me and Scarlett took turns teaching our son to use the potty. We took him on playdates and he has become quite… Continue reading Round 3, Family 7- Barbosa