Prosperity Challenge · Round 9 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Yoshida's

Round 9, Family 14- Yoshida

With the girls getting older and another baby on the way, the house needed an upgrade and here is our new home. Jane works hard on Sara’s potty training She also does some repairs Jane got promoted too Soon she went into labour and our final child and heir was born. Meet Simon. We also… Continue reading Round 9, Family 14- Yoshida

Prosperity Challenge · Round 8 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Yoshida's

Round 8, Family 14- Yoshida

Welcome back, last time. Me and Jane got married. We both got jobs and welcomed our daughter Saffron into the world. We also got some promotions and Saffron became a toddler. Jane worked on Saffron’s toilet training. I am the fun parent, I prefer to play games then teach Saffy. Jane was soon expecting again.… Continue reading Round 8, Family 14- Yoshida