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Round 7, Family 5- Forest

Welcome back, Last time I became a Teen and took over the family story. Dad died and my older brother Toby moved out after he married Robyn. Molly loves to cook Mum did some repairs Molly had her birthday party at the Stargazer Lounge and is now a Young Adult. She joined the Criminal Career.… Continue reading Round 7, Family 5- Forest

Generation 1 · Prosperity Challenge · Round 6 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity

Round 6, Family 5- Forest

Welcome back, last time, Billy achieved his aspiration. Jerima became an elder and Molly a Teenager. I got promoted and Toby started dating. Toby is a great help around the house and will repair appliances without being asked. Jerima still gets down to play dolls with Billy, she stays she doesn’t want him to feel… Continue reading Round 6, Family 5- Forest

Prosperity Challenge · Round 4 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Forest's

Round 4, Family 5- The Forests

Welcome back. Last time, Birthdays and Promotions happened. Billy loves to play alone in his room with his blocks, building towers then knocking them down. Toby and Molly still working hard on their aspirations Toby soon mastered creativity. Jerima worked on teaching Billy his numbers. Toby and Molly both achieved their Aspirations We had some… Continue reading Round 4, Family 5- The Forests

Prosperity Challenge · Round 2 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Forest's

Round 2, Family 5- Forest

Welcome back, Last time, we moved into a house, all got jobs and lots of promotions happened, Also my grandchild Toby was born and become a Wild toddler too, Also Jerima became pregnant with my third grandchild. Meet Molly, isn’t she just a little cutie. Toby and Holly were not happy with Molly’s Arrival. Jerima… Continue reading Round 2, Family 5- Forest

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I had to start again as my other save got corrupted after I removed some CC. I am using the sims I rolled for my orginal prosperity when the game frist came out. Family 1- Frost Jackson Frost Aspiration- Serial Romantic Traits- Romantic, Neat, Love Outdoors. Jackson moved to Sunnyside Valley to start over and… Continue reading Introduction