Generation 2 · Prosperity Challenge · Round 7 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Yoshida's

Round 7, Family 14- Yoshida

Hello and Welcome, I am Shingo, I am clumsy; lazy and a Glutton and this is my girlfriend Jane. I joined the Culinary career I proposed to Jane and we got married at the Rose Venue so we could fit all of Jane’s Family in, her brother and his wife and all her cousins Alice,… Continue reading Round 7, Family 14- Yoshida

Prosperity Challenge · Round 5 · Sims 4 · The Barbosa's

Round 5, Family 7- Barbosa

Last Time, me and Scarlett became Adults, Bernard and Scarlett achieved their aspirations. Beatrice became a teenager and started dating. Bernard now wants to master physical skills He loves playing Pirate Beatrice is doing well in school Scarlett went swimming Bernard achieved his 2nd aspiration and now wants to be popular He and Rina frost… Continue reading Round 5, Family 7- Barbosa