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Round 7, Family 5- Forest

Welcome back, Last time I became a Teen and took over the family story. Dad died and my older brother Toby moved out after he married Robyn. Molly loves to cook Mum did some repairs Molly had her birthday party at the Stargazer Lounge and is now a Young Adult. She joined the Criminal Career.… Continue reading Round 7, Family 5- Forest

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Round 5, Family 9 – Chauhan

Welcome back, Last time, the triplets achieved their aspirations and the twins Emil and Ebony were born. Emily is also doing great in school and is a A student. Ethan and Erin get A’s, I am so proud Alice used the lawn slide I got promoted The twins became adorable toddlers They mostly entertain themselves… Continue reading Round 5, Family 9 – Chauhan