Prosperity Challenge · Round 6 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Crazen's

Round 6, Family 3- Crazen

Last time, I had triplets Belinda, Arabella and Anabelle who were soon toddlers. I also had twins Cora and Cara and was soon pregnant with Baby 6. Loren became a adult and got promoted. I also did some repairs around the house. While you were away, my son Cody was born. Cora and Cara became… Continue reading Round 6, Family 3- Crazen

Prosperity Challenge · Round 5 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Herrington's

Round 5, Family 8- Herrington

Welcome back, Last time, Molly and Conner achieved their aspirations and Molly also mastered cooking. Caitlin mastered the mental skill. I got a promotion Caitlin plays at the blocks table Me and Molly became adults I can now turn people to ice Caitlin mastered the social skill Me and Molly took a trip to the… Continue reading Round 5, Family 8- Herrington

Prosperity Challenge · Round 2 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Barbosa's

Round 2, Family 7- Barbosa

Welcome back, last time, I married Scarlett and got a job as a Critic. We also had a little girl Beatrice who became a toddler. At least Scarlett let me put out this fire whilst she took our daughter outside. Beatrice is adorable and she loves play active games I got a promotion Scarlett was… Continue reading Round 2, Family 7- Barbosa

Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity

Round 4, Family 2- The Whitestone’s, Part 1

Jasen helped his daughter to stack the blocks, Lakeisha prefers to knock them down Anabelle got a chance card at school Lakeisha mastered the potty Jasen got promoted Avani passed out Lakeisha found some paint and decided it would be fun to play with Matthew did some cooking He also did a school project He… Continue reading Round 4, Family 2- The Whitestone’s, Part 1