Round 6

Births- 8

Todd Frost, Cody Crazen, Star and Nova Herrington, Rachel Forest, Nathan, Neil and Barbara Nakamura

Sims added by move in/Marriage: 1

Robyn- Added to Nakamura 2

Aspirations Completed: 6

Jenni Frost- Rambunctious Scamp, Molly Herrington- Nerd Brain, Liam Fujita- Rambunctious Scamp, Lucille Fujita- Bestselling Author, Holly Gherda- Master Mixologist, George Gherda- Rambunctious Scamp

Skills Maxed: 7

Rocket ship and Logic- Molly Herrington, Imagination-Emil Chauhan, Video Game- Alice Chauhan, Liam Fujita- Motor, Holly Gherda- Mixology and Cooking,

Fires: 2

Neighbourhood Net Worth- 1, 153, 431

Deaths: 2

 Jessica Monroe- Old Age Jasen Forest- Old Age

Pets Born: 2

Nougat and Olive Barbosa

Adopted: 2

Bonnie Monroe. Cookie Nakamura