Round 2

Round 2 Summary
Births- 12
Rose Frost, Jane and Jamie Monroe, Lucas and Lisa Jackon, Molly Forest, Bernard Barbosa, Caitlin and Conner Herrington, Ethan, Erin and Emily Chauhun
Sims added by marriage/move in-
Audrey, Kaayan, Ryder Herrington, Atharv Chauhun
Aspiration’s Achieved- 1
Careers Maxed-0
Collections found-0
Skills Maxed- 0
Toddler Skills Maxed-
Children’s Skills Maxed- 1
Families Count- 9
Family 1- Frost
Family 2- Monroe
Family 3- Crazen
Family 4- Jackon
Family 5- Forest
Family 6- Nakamura
Family 7- Barbosa
Family 8- Herrington
Family 9- Chauhun
Sims Count- 42