Generation 1 · Prosperity Challenge · Round 10 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Crazen's

Round 10, Family 3- Crazen

My older sisters applied for uni.

Cora did some cooking

Soon they had their birthday and headed off to University. They had all got into distinguished degrees at Britechester University. Anabelle was doing fine arts, Arabella was doing Drama and Belinda was doing Language and Literature. They moved into dorms.

Mum cooked some dinner. I think she was feeling empty nest syndrome with us all growing up and moving out or heading to uni.

Cora played some video games.

Mum likes to keep fit

Mum did some cleaning

I did some repairs

Mum got promoted

I did some exersize

Cara helps with repairs too

My sisters had their birthday and moved to Uni. They are attending Foxbury. Cora is doing Villainy and Cara is doing biology.

The appliances just love to break.

I like to go to the gym too.

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