Generation 2 · Prosperity Challenge · Round 10 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Monroes

Round 10- Family 2- Monroe

Kathy is a good student and I don’t have to nag her about homework. I do wish she would do it at the table though

My wife can be a big kid at times and likes to play with clay

I play dolls with Kathy

My children love having dance sessions

I did some painting

I bathed my son

I applied for Uni and got in. I will be staying at home and just attending my classes so i can still spend time with the kids.

I do my homework at home so I can still be with Kathy and Kenny. I want to have a strong bond with them

My son soon had his birthday. He is a child of the ocean.

I repaired the stereo

Then i did some dancing

Kenny loves to talk to his bear

I worked on my term paper

Kailani got promoted

Kathy enjoys science and doing experiments

I did some more repairs

Kenny enjoys dancing

My wife did some painting

Kathy enjoys playing the piano

My son is a great student

Family dinner, we try to do these as often as possible

My wife enjoys exercising

Kathy achieved her aspiration

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