Prosperity Challenge

Round 9, Family 19- Frost 2

Hi, it’s James here and I will be telling our families stories, Me and Jerome moved here with our girlfriends Ira and Kala.

Jerome got a job in archelogy and I got a job at the vets

Me and Kala got married in the living room

Kala got a job as a musician

I adopted a dog, Meet Boxter

We deleted the spare room to make room for him

I bonded with my new pet

Ira has been acting a bit weird lately so I followed her. She went to the dark town and met up with this girls and then they did some weird ritual thing. I must tell Jerome but how.

Both me and Jerome got promoted

Ira has been getting weirder by the day.

I enjoy jogging around town with Boxter

Jerome and Ira were having some quality time together when I heard screaming, I rushed in and saw this, I pulled her off him.

Jerome broke up with her and she left the house, turned out she had been lying, she always wanted to be a vampire and lost her previous husband over it. She even dumped her toddler son who we didn’t know about. I hate children but that’s just wrong.

Me and Kala both got promoted.

She was also pregnant, at least my brother will be around

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