Prosperity Challenge · Round 9 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Murakami's

Round 9, Family 18- Murakami

Hi, I am Nobuya, Me and My Wife Jenni had a beach wedding then decided to stay, here is our new home.

I decided that I would help keep the island clean and thriving the one over the water, we wouldn’t be living there, it had a giant volcano and no electricity or plumbing.

My wife cooked us some dinner In our new kitchen, I hope she doesn’t burn down the place.

I enjoy fishing, it’s so relaxing

Jenni loves to make drinks for the locals

We both got promoted

I also like to go fishing off the boat

More promotions, soon we will be able to upgrade the house.

People just love to dump trash

The water is just so great to swim around in

We both got promoted again.

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