Prosperity Challenge · Round 9 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Nakamura's 3

Round 9, Family 16- Nakamura 3

We finally had enough money so we got a new more spacious home

I decided to chose a new career

Molly enjoys dancing

I have been feeling quite unwell lately and have put on quite a bit of weight

Mabel enjoys pretending to be a pirate

I soon found out why I felt so weird, I had been pregnant with an Alien. I decided to call her Sunnup.

I did some dancing

Maddox became a child. He likes to make trouble.

I got promoted

Fun in the snow

Molly got promoted

Sun became a toddler, we got her some body makeup and contacts for when she is outside but let her be herself inside and when she’s old enough will let her decide if she wants to hide her true self or not.

I had to repair the fridge

Molly did some woodwork

I got promoted

Sun likes to nap on chairs

Molly went out dancing

Sunnup loves to dance too

I started potty training her

she likes to play with blocks

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