Prosperity Challenge · Round 9 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Jackon's

Round 9, Family 4- Jackon

We decided to bulldoze our old house and have a new one made.

My wife decided to have our 2nd son Oscar by the pool

We did move him up to the nursery afterwards though.

Jasper is doing great with his toilet training

We just need to teach Peaches to pee outside now

Oscar was soon a toddler who is silly.

I got promoted

Oscar loves to go exploring in everything

Emily was soon promoted too and decided to go into journalism

Oscar started toilet training too

Jasper loves to play with cars

I had to repair the radio

Jasper became a child, a very smart one.

He likes to play in the closet

Peaches enjoys playing with her toys

I don’t know how Emily doesn’t drop Oscar playing this game.

Oscar can be a bit cheeky at times

Me and Emily are still as romantic as ever and the boys are so used to it that they are not even bothered by our PDA.

We took the boys to the beach and they had lots of fun. I am so glad that they get on so well.

I got promoted.

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