Prosperity Challenge

Round 9, Family 2- Monroe

My wife enjoys keeping fit so we installed a home gym for her to use.

I worked on my painting

I did some yoga

Kathy loves to play with dolls

She also likes to play at the blocks table.

Soon Kenny was a toddler. He is silly.

My wife started on potty training

We had enough money for some renovations. We demolished our old house and then we built our new one.

Kathy was soon a child. She is a goofball and wants to be an artistic prodigy.

Kenny is a bit of an handful and loves to make mess everywhere.

Kathy loves to make art

Kenny refuses to eat in the high chair so this is our comprise.

He also loves to build towers with blocks then knock them down.

family love

I did some exercise in our new gym

Kathy loves dancing

Kenny loves when we play physical games

Kailani got promoted

I did some painting

We had a family day out at the beach.

I played dolls with Kenny.

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