Prosperity Challenge

Round 9, Family 1- Frost

We had enough money coming in so we decided to bluild a new house more suited to our growing family as all on one level as me and Audrey aren’t that young anymore.

My wife loves our new kitchen and she spends a lot of time cooking in there now.

Whilst the children were at school, me and Audrey decided to try out ice-skating, that was lots of fun even if I spent more time laying down then actually skating

Todd loves to swing across the monkey bars no matter the weather

He even ropes in his older siblings to make snowpals with him

He even gets my wife down to play dolls with him, I am getting too old now to get down to the floor to play with him.

James enjoys using the computer

Jenni enjoys playing video games

My wife is finally turning old too.

Thankfully our youngest is soon a teenager. He has added Romantic to his personality and wants to be a friend of the animals. He is my heir and will take over this family when I pass

My boys do like to keep fit

Hi, it’s Todd here, dad died of old age so now I am telling our families story

My big sister had her birthday and is now Good. She moved in with her boyfriend and is now part of Family 18 Murakami.

Mum decided to retire, we have plenty of money anyway from her games and programming

Video games is how we relax round here, mum got this as a rewards from work and it is well used.

My brothers had their birthday and moved in together with their girlfriends, they are family 19 Frost 2.

The house felt a bit too quiet with just me and mum so I adopted a dog and called him Phoenix.

Mum adores Phoenix and loves to go jogging with him

She also loves the snow. She likes to make snow angels

She also enjoys making snowpals

I enjoy dancing

I also like to play games with mum, this one is lots of fun even If I lose a lot

Phoenix finally learn to go toilet in the yard and not all over the house

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