Generation 2 · Prosperity Challenge · Round 7 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Forest's 2

Round 7, Family 12- Forest 2

Welcome back, Last time I married Robyn and we welcomed our beautiful daughter Racheal into the world. Robyn also became a painter and I joined the Athletic career.

Robyn is doing well at work and was soon promoted

I am doing well too and was also promoted

Racheal loves to climb in the ball pit and throw all the balls out decorating our house with them.

Robyn was soon pregnant

She did some painting

I went fishing

I got another promotion

Robyn went into labour and my 2nd daughter Rosanna was born

Racheal had her birthday and became a child

Robyn ran on the treadmill

I spent some time with my eldest

Rosanna was soon a toddler who wants to do everything herself

Me and Robyn both got promoted.

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