Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity

Round 3, Family 2- Whitestone

Welcome back to the Whitestones, Last time Matthew become a Child, Jasen moved his steady girlfriend in and she became pregnant, Liam married Yumiko and moved out to start a family of his own and Ana became a Teenager.
Jasen Whitestone- Adult- Friend of the World (Bro, Music Lover, Insane)
Avani Mahajan- Adult- Friend of the World (Non-Committal, Loves Outdoors, Romantic0
Anabella Whitestone- Teen- Soulmate (Evil, Music Lover)
Matthew Whitestone- Child- Whiz Kid (Insane)
I forgot to take their portrait and Young Lakeisha was born whilst the other families were active and Avani is an Elder.
Anabelle enjoys showing off her skills
The family needed money for bills so Avani went fishing
Ana went on a date with Dayton from school
Lakeisha became a toddler who loves to cry and throw food, fun times ahead
Avani started toilet training her right away
Avani also likes reading her daughter to sleep
She’s a doting mother who responds well to her daughters needs
Avani does find her daughter a bit hard to deal with sometimes and naps, that is when Lake plays in the toilet
Lake loves her blocks building towers with them
Matt enjoys spying on everyone in town
Anabella’s realsionship is going well and soon she and Dayton were going steady.
Jasen became an Elder
Matt is now a Teenager and is planning to follow in his uncle’s footsteps and make enemies. He is also a slob
Toddler spam because Lake is a little cutie whether it’s playing with her food, chatting with her mum or exploring the stairs

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