Round 2 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity

Round 2, Family 5- The Shizmu’s

Liam Whitestone Married the librarian that he had fell in love with despite his wish to hate everyone and be enemies with everyone and they became Family 5.
Liam- YA- Public Enemy (Hot-Headed, Snob, Insider)
Yumiko- YA- Big Happy Family (Bookworm, Neat, Insider)
Their baby was born and he was named Dominick.
Yumiko wanted a big family so soon was expecting her 2nd child.
Dominick became a toddler who is very curious about the world
He loves to babble away to his mum
Soon their 2nd child was born and named Helen.
Liam got a promotion
Helen became a toddler who wants to do everything herself
She loves playing physical games with her daddy
She loves sticking the blocks then knocking them down
Yumiko decided to have her final child Holly in the hospital and a ghost delivered her daughter.

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