Round 2 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity · The Frost's

Round 2, Family 4- The Frost’s


Welcome back to the frosts, Last time, Jessica got her dream career, had two promotions and spent some time with her daughter.

Jessica- Adult- Master Chef (Mean, Foodie, Art Lover)

Mary- Toddler- Independent.


Talking of Mary, she had her birthday and is now a child. She wants to be clever and is gloomy often prone to sadness.


She is doing well at school and loves to talk to her bear


Jessica spends a lot of time repairing as she cannot afford a repairman


She was soon promoted


The house was demolished and a new one bluith in its place.


Jessica is getting quite good at mixing drinks


She is good at cooking and tries to have family meals every day


She soon received another promotion


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