Round 2 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity

Round 2, Family 2- The Whitestones


Welcome back, Last time Liam and Jasen both went on dates and got jobs, the kids did some skilling and the adults got some promotions.

Liam- YA- Public Enemy (Hot-Headed, Snob, Insider)

Jasen- Adult- Friend of the World (Bro, Music Lover, Insane)

Anabella- Child- Whiz Kid- Music Lover

Matthew- Toddler- Angelic


Jasen had to fix the fridge but he did gain a skill point in the process


Matthew had his birthday. He wants to be the brightest kid on the block and is insane


Liam got a promotion


Matthew did some experimenting


Jasen has been dating Avani Mahajan for quite a while and he asked her to move in, she accepted


Jasen got promoted


Liam realsionship with Yumiko Shizmu is going well and he asked her to marry him, she agreed and they moved out together becoming family 5. They also tried for a baby in the closet.


The house got a total makeover


Avani was soon expecting her first child and Jasen’s 3rd, She is quite close to elderhood though so it will be her only child.


Ana played with the doll’s house


Jasen tied doing tricks on the lawn slide and it was an epic fail


Matthew played on the jungle gym, he enjoys spying on the world


Ana went on a playdate with Amie starling


Jasen got another promotion


Ana became a teenager. She wants to meet and marry her soulmate and is also Evil.

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