Round 1 · Sims 4 · Sunnyside Prosperity

Round 1, Family 2- The Whitestones


Meet the Whitestones, After his wife died in childbirth and his parents in a car crash, Jasen was left as the sole guardian to his teenage brother Liam., Young daughter Anabelle and Baby Son Matthew. Now two years on, he moved to Sunnyside valley with Liam now a Young Adult, Anabelle Six and Matthew two as it has better prospects for them.

Jasen- Adult- Aspiration- Friend of the World

Traits- Bro, Music Lover, Insane

Liam- YA- Aspiration-  Public Enemy

Traits- Hot-headed, Snob, Insider

Anabella- Child- Aspiration

Trait- Music Lover

Matthew- Toddler- Angelic


Matthew enjoys babbling away to this giant toy bear


He also loves bath time as he can splash in it and make lots of bubbles


Jasen joined the political career and soon got his frist promotion


The children did some skilling


They are very close and are always chatting to one another


Matt loves his Uncle Liam especially when he plays aeroplanes with him


Jasen soon starting dating again, He hopes for more children and he feels that Matt and Ana need a mother.


Matt can now use the toilet unaided and Ana is getting clever every day


Liam also started dating, he and Yuki decided they were better off as friends.


Liam had joined the criminal career and was soon promoted


Jasen got another promotion


Ana enjoys making potions


And here we end out time with the whitestones, see you next time.

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